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Anyone new to cycling can offer find it tricky to know which accessories they need to make a successful start to their new activity. The good news is that your needs are actually only very basic. It is, however, essential that you make sensible choices for safety`s sake when choosing specific items. Always remember that going for the cheapest option is not always to be recommended.

Perhaps the most important article in any cyclist`s inventory of equipment is the helmet. It is important to wear a helmet while riding in order to protect your head in case of accidents. Showing bravado and saying you do not need one is foolish and could cost you your life, or at least the use of important parts of your brain. Such an important piece of kit therefore needs to fit properly. A large helmet will slip around a lot and could obscure your view, while a helmet which is too small will squeeze your head and be intensely uncomfortable on long rides.

Being seen while out on the road is also important, especially if you cycle at night or use your bike to travel to and from work along busy roads. Hi-visibility clothing is worth getting hold of for anyone who rides in the dark, with a cycling vest being easy to obtain. Lights for the bike itself are also crucial and there are several different options to choose from. Always opt for the brightest lights with the longest battery life that you can afford.

If you use your bike for travelling in urban areas or have to leave it in public places such as railway stations, then having a lock is also essential. A lock which can be transported by fitting onto the frame of your bike is a good idea and there are three main types on the market. These are cable locks, chain locks and shackle locks. All have advantages, so choose one that fits best around your lifestyle and how you use your bike.

Other smaller accessories such as specialist gloves and shoes are something that you may want to look at when you gain a little more experience and can assess what your needs are. Gloves can be a good idea as they help to prevent any callusing of the hands, while specialist shoes will often clip straight into pedals.

Perhaps the best way to resolve any issue that you have as a new cyclist seeking out the right equipment is to head to a local bike shop. Cyclists are always keen to speak to other cyclists and there is usually no snobbery or elitism. If you find that still a little daunting, then getting in touch with an online bike shop like can often also be a good source of advice.

So get your kit on, get out there on the road and you will soon have discovered a whole new world.

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