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Thule Sports Rack Company

Thule is a company from Sweden that sells products to help you transport your sports equipment via your car, truck or van.

The company was started in 1942 when Erik Thulin designed Pike Traps, and started selling them. In the 1960's Thule had invented the first roof rack for cars. Now a days Thule Sells many different options for transporting your equipment such as roof racks, bicycle racks, and roof boxes. They also sell an assortment of accessories for recreation vehicles, such as horse trailers, options to transport luggage, and snow chains.

Thule sells an assortment of bike racks. They have ones you can attach to your roof, to the hitch of your vehicle, or to the rear of your vehicle. If you own a truck they also have truck bed carriers that allow you to transport your bike in your truck bed securely.

Thule also has many options for transporting Cargo. They have Cargo Boxes, Cargo Bags, Baskets, and Carriers that you can attach to the hitch of your vehicle.

If you enjoy going to the mountains for a ski trip, Thule also has that taken care of. They sell various types of Ski Racks. They also have something for people that enjoy water sports such as kayaking.

On the Thule website they have a great fit guide, where you can search for the type of transportation equipment you are looking for and find out which one will fit perfectly for your car. You just select the category, and fill in your vehicle information. Vehicle information is information such as the make, model, and year of your vehicle. After entering your vehicle information you can proceed to select your items and then do a configuration.

Much of Thule's Research and Development goes into creating innovative simple solutions. As of recent they have many new innovations. The Quick Grip is one of them and it allows you to mount roof boxes much more easily than before and without the use of tools. They created Crush-Proof Safezones where you can place anything of value that you can not afford to have crushed and or ruined. Some other recent innovations are the Carrier Lock, the Snow Chain Ratchet System, and the One Key Lock Cylinder.

Thule also has the "Thule Adventure Team". This team has many professional multi-sport athletes. The "Thule Adventure Team" was started in 2010 and among the team are professional athletes Myriam Guillot, Eva Nyström, Jacky Boisset, Andreas Svanebo, Martin Flinta.

Thule loves hiring hard working, innovative, adventurous workers to there work force. They love people who love the outdoors. One can make the assumption that if you are going to be using the products you develop, then you will most likely put more effort into making them better.

Overall Thule strives to be innovative in making traveling the outdoors for fun and for sport as simple and efficient as possible. They put lots of effort into research and development so they can provide you with products that enable you to transport any of your outdoor equipment and even cargo while making it possible no matter what type of car you own.

You can visit Thule's main English website and learn more.

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