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How to Take Your Bike in Your Car

In an ideal world, you could just roll your bicycle out of the garage and head out on a terrific cross country bike ride. Sadly, in the real world, most of us, especially those of us who live in cities, have a very limited range of bike rides on our doorsteps. If you want to go on the more adventurous rides, you are going to have to stick your bike in the car and drive out into the countryside.

Many people, when faced with the prospect of taking their bike out in the car, approach the problem by tying their bike up in the boot of their car with an ad hoc combination of plastic clips, aluminum tubing, and a tangled web of nylon straps. While this is without a doubt the cheapest way to transport your bike (in the short term, anyway), there are a number of reasons why this is not such a great idea.

For a start, bikes on temporary racks always look precarious, and this can make you unnecessarily nervous. As can the fact that they are a lot easier to steal when they are tied up like this. Also, it is such a hassle to do; you will probably end up not wanting to do it all that often.

Another popular solution to the problem of taking your bike out in your car is the roof mounted bike rack. While roof racks are ideal for canoes, surfboards and the like, they are less than ideal for bikes. For a start, the danger of damage to your precious bikes is far too great. And donít forget the damage that your bikes will do to your garage when you plough them into the brickwork above the garage door.

The best solution is to stick a proper bike rack in the back of your car, one that mounts to a two inch hitch receiver. The receiver includes a loop that lets you lock the bike, including the wheels, to your car, making it nigh on impossible to steal. While most cars do not come with a 2" receiver hitch, you can easily get one put in by a welder.

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