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Bike Racks Online is a pretty quick way to find vehicle racks and carriers for all your sports equipment. If you're into skiing, biking, kayaking, snowboarding, sailboarding, or surfing, you need to find a convenient way to get your gear to the places where you want to use them.

So we're going to talk about a few of the best online stores that probably have what you need to outfit your car, truck or van in order for you to easily haul all your stuff around.

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Hitch Models
You can carry bikes on your car roof, trunk, spare tire or hitch. The easy-to-use trailer hitch carriers are very handy and may be perfect for you if you are interested in hauling only a couple of bicycles at a time. Of course, you have to have an installed trailer hitch or the right size available receiver on your vehicle.

Roof Models
If you want to move a number of bicycles, or if you have a tandem bike to tote around, a roof carrier may be what you are looking for. A rack on the roof is also more secure than a hitch or trunk unit and is the preferred method for carrying your equipment long distances. Unfortunately, getting up on top of your van or SUV to secure your bike isn't as easy as simply unsnapping your bike from a hitch rack. Roof models are also the common method of hauling around your kayak, surfboard, sailboard, snowboard or ski equipment.

Trunk Models
If you only need to tote your bikes a relatively short distance and you don't already have a trailer hitch on your car, a handy trunk carrier may be perfect for you. Both Thule and Yakima make fully assembled trunk rack packages. You can often carry up to three bicycles. You can also find trunk applications for your ski and snowboard trips.

Other Options
Besides the main three rack types, you can also find models that will hold your gear in your pickup truck bed or from your rear-mounted spare tire carrier. Spare tire bike racks can be a great option for some SUVs and vans and can carry one or two bicycles.

The Manufacturers
There are only a few well-known carrier manufacturers. The two most popular are Yakima and Thule. They have both been making sports equipment carrier racks for many years and are considered the industry standard. They offer full lines of different models, locks, hardware, towers, adapters, mounts, crossbars, rails, and other components and accessories. They probably make exactly what you need for your application.

The Retailers
There are several online shops that sell these sports racks. There are a handful of smaller specialty shops and a slightly larger amount of big online sporting goods stores that offer some models and helpful buying guides.

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Thule is one of the top two sport gear rack producers. But who are they? Read a little bit about Thule, where they came from and what they offer.

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